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Celine Plousey is a french artist, who was surrounded since ever by art. Her art in her own words: “Im in the middle of shapes, colors, words, materials and smells... workshops, galleries...from my childhood diapers, in mom's arms, in the hollow of my father's palm.” She grew up behind the workbench and she always pays attention to “…the advent of works and the composition of the sensitive spaces they rub shoulders with. The object happens, under the hand of the sculptor; my father. Under the light breath of my mother, maneuvering the gold leaf, which wood, patina and water absorb in light. My parents worked under the excellence of know-how, to magnify master's paintings, sculpted frames or for the restoration of works to be preserved from the passage of time. The renowned art management company RG Gault Paris, had its workshops in Burgundy, its store in Paris, and its children, my brother and I. A transmission... an infusion... until the disgorgement of the tannin of a fiber that my flesh explores. An artistic fiber, it is said. A mesh. A misc-melo saved from entanglement by the work, the meaning, the beauty, the sensual relationship to the world. This family, this tense, relaxed mesh, our story... it romanticize itself, to brush against the pitfall of suffering and proclaim praise. It is told like a children's book, to support the illustration on the one. And then... Art becomes a way of doing with the impossible, the unthinkable, the unspeakable... Along my career as a therapist, my life as an artist is a way of encounter with the inner space, an attempt at translation, a breath, a language, between words, the space of mystery and truth. These years of study, research and exploration in the intimate and privileged space of confidence have shaped my listening, my gaze, the encounter with myself and life. Only Art and Nature allow me to touch the essential more. Only emotion touches the true meaning of our nature...and then... Art allows me to be free! And you? ”

Selected works

120X150 CM.